Nutrition Testing

A survey of diet habits and eating behaviors is being done among children and young people.

As we believe health starts with kids healthy diets in healthy environment

School time is a time when kids begin to get pocket money and when our life is full of everlasting curiosity, social life, friends and trends. Children began discovering their bodies and try to get used to new types of food during this time.

Children learn everything very fast and they model their diet habits by observing their parents and friends and by following the mass media. In this modeling, family plays an important role as well as the school and the social circle. Therefore, families and school managements should monitor the diet habits and weight of children carefully and try to be a good role model for them and inform them in these matters.

The Importance of Diet In Kids and Young Peoples Life

The diet of children and young people is important in terms of their growing up physically, their mental development, ability to learn (attention and focus) and psycho-social development.

Diet Habits and Eating Behaviors In Children and Young People

Our children and young people have a habit of skipping breakfast and snacks and consuming too much sweets and fatty foods. As a result, their consumption of total fat, trans fat and sugar has increased. Their daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is below the suggested amount. Their consumption of soft drinks, drinks with caffeine and energy drinks is high while their consumption of milk and buttermilk drink is low, and thus they do not get enough calcium. Their food groups? pattern in main meals is not balanced. Also, children have difficulty finding healthy ready-made food, so they eat so much fast food. The number of children who do not eat with their families, eat in front of television or computer, eat too much and eat very fast, and their desire to eat is very high. Children are not well informed about good diet habits, and so their habits of eating are shaped by what they observe in their surroundings. A balanced diet should always to be considered with a regular exercise; however, considerable percentage of the children is very sedentary and they do not even play games. This leads to being overweight which can result in many diseases and recovering from that may be very difficult and costly.


Diet Problems Which Are Common Among Children and Young People

Throughout the world, the main reason for problems related to diet is being overweight. In parallel with the increase in the rate of overweight people, some diseases that are peculiar to adults have started to be observed in children, too. If parents are overweight or have diabetes and if the child has gained weight quickly and deposited fat in his or her belly, attention is needed.

The nutrition problems in addition to being overweight are nutritional deficiency, weakness, protein energy deficiency, growth retardation, vitamin and mineral deficiency, iron deficiency anaemia, iodine deficiency (goiter, growth disorder, low IQ, neuromotor disorders), rachitism, dental disorders, food poisoning and diarrhea. Also, social growth retardation, mental and psychological problems can be observed, too. The risk of cancer is also high.

The Main Reason behind Nutrition Problems

There are many reasons like unconsciousness in terms of buying the right food, economical problems, being encouraged to consume wrong type of foods, the popularity of fast foods which are fatty and sugary and high in calories, families' not being able to contact health professionals often and easily, false information given by the media, advertisements that are not supervised, immobility, advances in technology, decrease in the number of parks, not caring about sports and psychological problems.


*** If a success in a health is aimed, an individual approach and cooperation is necessary.***

Although the importance of a balanced and healthy diet is accepted by many societies, the surveys both in our country as well as others show that many children have wrong nutrition habits and eating habit disorders.

The interventions to be made for children to eat healthy are very important for children's health awareness. Thousands of theories and strategies have been developed so as to raise children's health consciousness and the benefits of a healthy diet have been supported by scientific studies.

For these reasons, every child should know the importance of a healthy diet and should develop healthy eating habits at an early age. Having healthy eating habits, being active, doing exercise, playing games, having mental health form are the basis of growing up as strong and healthy people.

As FUNTHEMENTAL Diet Team, our starting points are 'The Survey for Children's Eating Habits' and 'The Survey for Children's Eating Behavior'

The results of these surveys each of which is peculiar to each child are written in the 'diet' part of the FUNTHEMENTAL report. Parents can get professional help from the 'Diet Team' as a result of the suggestions or concerning their questions about any subject related to anything conspicuous regarding the nutrition of their children.

Consequently, we would like to support children in their early ages a healthy diet habits and to help children and their mothers who feel desperate, vulnerable, hopeless, discouraged and ignorant as we would like to see the children of the future active, successful and happy.


The Services That FUNTHEMENTAL Diet Team Provide;

For Children, Teenagers, Young Adults and Adults;

  • A Sufficient and Balanced Diet
  • Diet For Athletes
  • Weight Management (losing weight, putting on weight)
  • Clinical Diets for Disorders (Diabetes; Pregnancy Diabetes, Type I DM, Type II DM, cardiothoracic disorders; lipid disorders, hypertension, fatty liver disease and etc.)
  • Diet For Eating Disorders
  • Diet Education
  • School For Parents
  • Diet Guidance For Families